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My name is Martyna

Just a simple girl who loves beauty of the world surrounding her. A few years ago I decided to break all the world’s rules, the world I lived in, seeked adventure and fulfillment. This is how I got to Scotland where I live and work and where I also share all my thoughts with you. And I share it here, on my website. I love meeting new people, learning things, trying new cuisines rich in new tastes. Every day and every experience is a lesson for me. Take a look at what I do and how I live. Share adventures with me!


I heard a man is like three books he/she recently read. There is some truth in it. I must say I don’t really watch TV, I prefer to spend my free time reading. I like books about business however I do respect my mind and I do relax by reading stories, recipes and motivational articles. I will post rewievs of all the titles that made a good impression on me. It’s important to me, especially at times when we no longer reach for books, not as often as we used to.


As everyone in the 3D world I have to do my job to pay the bills and eat. During one part of the day I work for somebody else for money. For the rest of the day I work for myself building my own business that will give me passive income in the future. I’m interested in earning money via Internet, mostly concentrating on long lasting forms. I am constantly improving my skills in effective running social media. I am still looking for knowledge on how to build your brand in social media, find a new customers and reach the target group.

 I believe regular training and systematic work will get me closer and closer to financial freedom. I learn using social media as a method to earn money. I encourage you to make your dreams come true and earn money in a pleasant company. I will share my knowledge and experience in earning money via Internet with you here, on my blog.


Exploring new places have always inspired me. When I was a little girl even the shortest trip got me all excited Now, when I am a bigger girl I slowly make my dreams come true by visiting one by one places pinned on my map. I plan to see many destinations although my biggest love is exotic countries where the heat and white sand invite you to take a wee-long walk. I am an enthusiast of tasting new cuisines and recreating them in my own kitchen. Perhaps you would like to share a journey with me? Let me know and we will do something crazy together!


To make it all even more exciting I’m keen on photography. I got my first camera at the age of 14 and so it began… My skills may not be the greatest but I’m moving on spending lots of time practicing and expanding my knowledge. What I also try to do is selling my works on stock websites. That’s one of the methods of receiving passive income. I do what I like and I get money for it I’ll make sure only the best of my works will be shared on this blog so that you can feel what I felt while visiting magic places.


Poeple don’t like taking risks to much. They don’t go away on holiday because it’s raining, rain is not worth loosing money on. That’s why they will never know what it’s like to have fun in the rain, maybe much greater fun than sightseeing in a burning sun? I love to take risks and go beyond my comfort zone, this is how you broaden it, isn’t it? Something awaits behind every door, I know it. Sometimes it’s something unexpected, sometimes it’s a huge surprise. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a good one or not, it’s awlays a lessonn that you need to go through. And I don’t want to miss any of it! I trust my intuition, I go with the voice of my heart. My Soul points me direstions and teaches lessons so that I can be a better version of my own self.


I burnt my first potatoes at the age of 6. I made dinner at the age of 7. Then I opened the fridge, quickly analized what was inside and that’s how a meal was made. Not much has changed since then. I enjoy searching a new taste, creating, experimenting. I try to eat healty and tasty. My dishes are rather spontaneous and I could never give an exact recipe. I’m inspired by thai, vegan and vegetarian cuisines, as well as the traditional Polish one. I will share my quick and simple recipes of various dishes here!


I trust my intuition. I believe in law of attraction and all the possibilities our minds give us. Most of us live in a rush with no time to stop for a wee thought. Nowadays we watch TV or check Facebook timeline in our free time. Stop for a moment, quiet your mind, think. What is your subconsciousness trying to tell you? How can you create your reality? I won’t forget to share my experience with law of attraction with you.