“Money can’t buy you happiness”. Probably the most popular sentence we hear when we talk about money.

 We often try hard, seak new solutions, work on ourselves and yet we aren’t able to earn enough money. We educate, we study and learn and we still can’t succeed. Maybe we aren’t capable of that? That’s one of the wrong believes. Where do they come from? The most probable answer is: from our childhood, from our family. I’ve met plenty people who work really hard and were always busy but I still could hear from them “I’ve not got money”. And here I wonder: How’s that possible? They work so hard! One of the causes (apart from consumerism that keep us going) are all the believes about money. I introduce you to 8 most popular believes I’ve encountered. I’ll try to refute all of them.

  Money can be earned only by hard work.

If that was true, the world’s richest people would have been martyrs. It’s well known that if you set a goal to achieve first you need to put a lot of effort to make it happen or to even start. It’s not easy working for somebody else, coming back home after 6pm, spedning the night studying and excelling your skills. It’s only AT FIRST. If your goal is passive income you definitelly know what I’m talking about. See how the rich live. They don’t stand beside a machine in a factory 8 hours a day. They trade their properties, meet at business lunches, some do prioritise their business on the Internet. If they use their time well they are able to build a system which works for them till the rest of their lives. It’s the 21st century, the era of the Internet, not slavery. One of the “easiest” ways to earn “easy money” is social media. You work from your home using your laptop or your phone. You can also invest in start-ups, various companies building passive income, play on the stock market (for the brave ones only), run a YouTube or Instagram channel. Doing all that you can earn money without even leaving your house. Amazing, isn’t it?

Rich people are frauds and cheaters.

Why? Because they don’t pay taxes. “What a robber he is! I work myself to death for 10 hours every day and he doesn’t even pay taxes. Cunning fox!” Do you know why the rich don’t pay most of their taxes? It’s because they gained knowledge. They are aware. They learn by themselves what the tax law is and very often they know specialists who give them a good piece of advice. If you own a company you can make loads of your passives your costs, that means you simply don’t pay tax and save the money. It’s not illegal that rich people don’t pay taxes. It’s a LEGAL not paying them. In the USA there’s a very convenient tax law for those who trade their properties. As far as I remember it used to be the same in Poland. When you buy and sell a property you pay a huge tax. In Poland it’s mostly 1/4 of the price. However, if you prove you sell the property to keep on investing in another ones – you pay nothing. It’s a simple maths, you buy a flat for 100.000 zlotys (Polish currency), you sell it for 150.000 zlotys, you save 50.000. Then you buy another property for 100.000 and 50.000 goes to your pocket again. Is it fraud, is it illegal? No, it’s just knowledge.

I don’t deserve earning decent money.

For me personally that’s a tough one cause luckilly I’ve never thought about myslef this way. I do think lack of faith in yourself is the reason here. You might have had bad experience with money. You might have been told you were useless when you were just a kid. Sometimes it’s enough. When a kid gets moaned at because he/she failed a test again then he/she starts to think “I’m useless, I can’t do anything right”. Few similar situations more and the young person soaks negativity like a sponge. And you may be one of those people soaked with disbelief seeing only side effects. Are you? If the answer is “yes” or even if you think differently – I will gather your opinion on that topic, feel free to share them with me and comment on my posts!

I don’t come form a well educated family, I’ll never be rich.

Let me give you a few examples: Andrzej Wajda, one of most famous Polish film directors got an Oscar for his works. He achieved that without having finished high school. John Travolta hasn’t finish school either. Ingvar Kamprad (Ikea founder) began his carreer from selling Christmas tree decorations, pencils and pens. He never gratuated from high school. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has never finished university. Steve Jobs (Apple founder) hasn’r finished it either. Do I keep going…? Let’s be honest – education is important but you can find a lot of valuable information and gain knowledge on the Internet, seminars or trainings. And very often they cost nothing. If you waanna be an expert you better start to seak for knowledge whatever way. Talk with people, meet them, learn from them and build up your brand – be recognizable. Give people a value. Say to yourself you’re gonna be the best at it and do your best!

To achieve something first you have to know a big fish.

Bingo! That’s my favorite one, the one I believed in for so long.

When I lived in Poland I used to watch other people’s ways of earning money. I kept telling myself that it was all thanks to what people they knew. Everyone working in a good company was a boss’s relative or a good friend of a manager. I was in “I give up” mode till I happened to meet new people especially online. I made true friends and I was interested in their ways of earning money and ways of… just living I guess. Then it turned out I got to know a developer, a graphic designer, a photographer, an entrepreneur, a couch, marketer and many more. And we all shared our knowledge eagerly. Then I realized what it was all about… It’s about building relations. And this is your “knowing a big fish” thing. I learned one thing more: the more people you know, the easiest life gets for you. At some point they started to talk to me giving me various propositions. Once again – it’s all about making new friends.

Money can’t buy you happiness.

But freedom of choice can.

I don’t know a person complaining about going for holiday 6 times a year. I don’t know a person who is unhappy about being able to decide about how to spend his/her time. Nor a person being sad because of having bought a new Mercedes or a house. I have never noticed parents getting worried about being able to send their children to a good university either. It depends on how you got the money of course. If you did that illegally or by takings more and more loans I would be unhappy as well. Nobody feels comfortable when having a debt to pay. If you ask me, I will tell you this: money gives you freedom of choice. You choose what place on Earth you are at, how often you go on holiday, when you get to spend some time with your friends or family.

Being poor is noble.

It might have been so in the middle ages. It’s the 21st century though and times are different now. Some religions try to bring us up in quilt and martydom. Perhaphs some people think it’s noble to be poor just because of that reason. But seriously, what is so noble about having nothing to eat and living on the street? For me a noble person is good, full of empathy. He/she helps others That’s noble. Not somebody who lives on the street and has got nothing to eat. What I’m trying to say is not that the poor can’t be noble of course. On the contrary, very often such people help others more often than the wealthy ones. But if you live thinking you will go to heaven just because you’re poor – you’ll probably live a miserable life. Heaven doesn’t care about your bank accounts, I don’t think.

I will loose my friends if I start to make good money

 Maybe it’s high time to consider what people you surround yourself with?

They might not be good ones if you’re afraid you may loose them just because you got more lucky than them. A real good friend supports you no matter what and celebrates with you when you succeed. He/she mobilizes you to go further, to reach for more. You will probably loose some part of your friends. You know who? The jealous ones. The ones that bring you down instead support you. People get irritated by your success. And very often it’s your success that will show who you really can rely on. Is that bad? It’s good. At least you know you don’t need envious people in your life.

How many of these believes have you found clouding up your mind?

Do you know now where did they come from? Two of the believes were constantly stopping me: “you can only earn money by hard work” and “you have to know a big fish to achieve something”. After I had analized my life (with some help of few good books) I reached the point. I’m still trying to fight one of the believes but I’m aware of its existence and that’s the first step to get over it. I hope I did help you change your believes about money and unblock your mind and creativity. Everyone can achieve whatever he/she wants to achieve. All you need is to be determined, systematic and eager to develop yourself.